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Have FaithThis speaks volumes about the human mind: we all think about what may go wrong, wonder what will go wrong, imagine everything going wrong, and obsess over our thoughts, worries, and fears to such an excessive degree that we forget the truth of this quote (a truth we have always known all along):

All we need is faith. Faith is knowing… an inner knowing. Knowing and believing that all the details we can’t seem to figure out will work out for the best at some point because that’s the inbuilt nature of Life. Faith arises from presence, being fully conscious and engaged in the present moment wherein we connect with that inner knowing; with truth.

In essence, what this quote is telling us is that we must do and be nothing, except present in the moment

Why Not Be Present and Have Faith All the Time Instead of Sometimes?

Because we have been conditioned to believe that distractibility, inattention, and unconsciousness are acceptable ways of life. For the recovering addict, this is especially true. Once you’re clean and sober, every adversity or challenge is a temptation to escape back into the realm of substances. This is what lead us to addiction in the first place… the need for escape – a need to be distracted and unconscious to the suffering in our mind and body.

The typical human condition is to go through life busily, distracted, inattentive, and living the day in a state of waking consciousness yet unconscious of the truth of Life. We are physically and cognitively awake but not aware… living but not alive.

Instead of settling to be powerless and at the whim of every thought that crosses our mind 99% of our life’s existence, I propose we make living by faith a way of life.

I implore you to consider this quote from another perspective: 

ALL THE TIME, the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

When we give our attention to the non-stop chatter and continuous, incessant stream of thoughts, fears, worries, concerns, anxieties, regret (which are all merely imagination), we distract ourselves from the truth that all that really matters is we live life fully present and engaged; that we live life with conscientiousness.

Once we can transcend the ego (which is responsible for  the litany of bombarding thoughts, wondering, imagination, and obsessions) we can be truly alive because we cease trying to “figure it all out” on our own and we free ourselves from mental entrapment. From here, faith arises naturally by default of living conscientiously.

How Do We Actually Live It?

By choosing to be more aware from moment to moment. By choosing to take back your attention when you realize it is being stolen from you. By choosing to exercise your God-given gift of conscious awareness and willing it in your favor. By choosing to be engage each moment with your full presence and power.


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